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Few Results - If you are getting few results, make sure you have a complete profile including pictures. The more information you add, the more profiles you qualify to see. Also, check your profile to make sure you are looking for both genders and a wide age range. If you still receive few results, our systems have detected that you are offending other users. The more you offend users fewer results will be shown to you and you will be limited in the features available to you.

Can't Find Unread Messages - These are likely unread messages from people you can't see anymore. It usually happens when you block them or they block you while you have an unread message. Just go to Setup > Help and Troubleshooting > Mark All Read.

Location is Wrong - Go to the Settings app on your device and ensure Location Services for WhosHere are on. You can go to Setup > My Location > Where am I to see where your device is reporting your location to WhosHere.   For device operating specific instructions:

Can't Change Age/Gender - Once set, your age is locked for a period of time and gender is permanently locked. If you delete and reinstall the app, you can reset the values, but you will lose all text/conversation history. Note, if we detect that you are faking your profile, you will be suspended or canceled.

App is Slow – If the app is slow on your mobile device or tablet, go to Setup > Help & Troubleshooting > Optimize and Repair. You can also go to Setup > Help & Troubleshooting > Advanced and use the options in that menu.  iOS users can also use the following setting Setup > Settings > Multitasking > Never.  More specific instructions can be found here:

  • Android -
  • iOS -

Delete/Remove Your Account - Remove your information from your profile and click Save on the main My Profile screen. Go to WhosHere > Setup and click Sign Off. Within 45 seconds your account will be removed from all search results and you will be blank to anyone that you have chatted with in the past. Then just delete the app from your device.

If you are going to sell or recycle your device, you should also consider restoring it to Factory Settings to delete all personal information from the device.

Canceled Account - If your account has been canceled you should delete the app. More information can be found at

Blocked Feature(s) - We have mechanisms to stop behavior that other users may find offensive. If you have blocked feature(s) our systems have determined that you are not using WhosHere appropriately.

Feature blocks will last at least one day and may be permanent. In most cases a feature block will be between 2 and 3 days.

We will not override a feature block for any reason.

Further misuse of WhosHere may result in more blocks or your account being permanently canceled. More information can be found at


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